Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA Silicon Case

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The  Silicone Case is meticulously crafted for exclusive compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Constructed from eco-friendly materials, this case boasts a matte finish, delivering a smooth touch while resisting fingerprints. Designed with wireless charging convenience in mind, you can keep the case on at all times, even during phone charging.

For comprehensive protection, the case features an edge lip around the screen and camera, shielding them from direct contact with surfaces. This thoughtful design ensures worry-free placement of the phone on various surfaces, eliminating concerns about scratching the camera glass.

Tailored precisely for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the case incorporates precision cutouts that grant easy access to all buttons and ports, snugly fitting over the volume buttons, side button, and the phone's curves.

Internally, the case is lined with a soft and anti-skid microfiber material, providing protection against abrasions and preventing the phone from sliding. In summary, the  Silicone Case not only ensures compatibility and precise functionality for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra but also prioritizes environmental consciousness while offering premium protection and a stylish aesthetic.

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