OPPO A16S Leather flip case multi pocket / card holder case

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  • The case is made with High-Quality PU Leather material that combines Flexibility and Strength.
  • The case sits higher than the Camera and Screen to Protect it from falls and scratches.
  • Fits around your phone with Precise Cutouts and Aligned Buttons.
  • This Case Compliments the Slim Design of your phone; this Case looks perfect on your phone.
  • Tough and durable, this Case provides All-side Protection against Daily Wear and Tear.
  • The foldable stand supports a comfortable viewing. This Case can act as a stand for hands-free viewing.
  • This Case has three card slots and one cash pocket for convenient storage.
  • Colour - Black
  • NOTE - Please check your phone model and match it with the compatible number below before buying.

The Leather Flip Case for the OPPO A16S is a protective accessory designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your smartphone. This type of case is typically made from high-quality synthetic or genuine leather material and offers several benefits:

  1. Protection: The primary function of a flip case is to protect your OPPO A16S from scratches, dents, and other daily wear and tear. The flip cover provides full coverage to both the front and back of the phone, safeguarding it from accidental drops and impacts.

  2. Screen Protection: The flip cover of the case shields the phone's display from scratches, smudges, and dirt when the phone is not in use. This is particularly useful as the screen is one of the most vulnerable parts of a smartphone.

  3. Slim Profile: Leather flip cases are often designed to be slim and lightweight, adding minimal bulk to your OPPO A16S. This ensures that the phone remains easy to handle and doesn't become overly bulky in your pocket or bag.

  4. Card Slots and Wallet Functionality: Many leather flip cases feature built-in card slots or pockets, allowing you to carry essential cards like credit cards, IDs, or even some cash. This eliminates the need to carry a separate wallet, making it convenient for those who prefer a minimalist approach.

  5. Stand Functionality: Some flip cases are designed with a stand feature that allows you to prop up your OPPO A16S in a horizontal position. This is useful for watching videos, making video calls, or reading content without having to hold the phone.

  6. Professional Appearance: Leather flip cases often provide a sophisticated and professional appearance. The leather material adds a touch of elegance and can make your phone look more refined.

  7. Easy Access: Flip cases are designed with precise cutouts that ensure easy access to all the phone's ports, buttons, and features without needing to remove the case.

  8. Magnetic Closure: Many leather flip cases use magnetic closures to keep the flip cover securely closed when not in use, preventing accidental openings and ensuring additional protection.

  9. Custom Fit: These cases are specifically designed for the OPPO A16S model, ensuring a snug and secure fit that doesn't interfere with the phone's functionality.

  10. Personalization: Leather flip cases often come in various colors and designs, allowing you to choose a style that suits your personal preferences and adds a touch of individuality to your device.

Overall, a leather flip case for the OPPO A16S offers a combination of protection, style, and functionality, making it a popular choice among smartphone users who want to keep their device safe while also adding a touch of elegance.

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