Iphone / Samsung Redpepper waterproof Brand Collection in all Models

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This waterproof collection offers quality protection for all Iphone and Samsung models. With a Redpepper brand seal, it offers superior water resistance up to 10 feet deep. Enjoy seamless protection and long-lasting durability.

Redpepper Waterproof Phone Cases for iPhone and Samsung - The Ultimate Protection


Welcome to the Redpepper Waterproof Phone Case Collection, where cutting-edge technology meets rugged design to provide unparalleled protection for your iPhone or Samsung device. Our collection spans all models, ensuring that no matter which phone you own, you can experience the confidence that comes with true waterproof functionality.

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof Technology: Redpepper cases are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest waterproof standards. Dive into adventures without worrying about rain, spills, or accidental submersions. Your device stays dry and functional even in challenging conditions.

  2. Universal Compatibility: Whether you're an iPhone enthusiast or a Samsung aficionado, our collection caters to all models. From the latest releases to popular classics, Redpepper has you covered.

  3. 360-Degree Protection: Our cases are designed with a full-body approach, enveloping your phone in 360-degree protection. The front and back covers, along with reinforced corners, shield your device from drops, impacts, and scratches.

  4. Touch-sensitive Screen Cover: Redpepper cases feature a touch-sensitive screen cover that doesn't compromise on usability. Enjoy full touchscreen functionality while keeping your device completely sealed against water and other elements.

  5. Crystal Clear Clarity: Don't sacrifice the beauty of your device. The crystal-clear transparency of our cases allows the original design to shine through while providing reliable protection.

  6. Easy Installation and Removal: Redpepper cases are designed for user convenience. Easily install or remove the case whenever needed without compromising the integrity of the seals.


  • Extreme Waterproofing: Trust your phone in any environment, be it by the pool, on the beach, or during unexpected rain showers. Redpepper ensures your device stays dry and fully functional.

  • All-Model Inclusivity: No matter if you have the latest iPhone or a Samsung classic, Redpepper offers waterproof protection for every model, ensuring that everyone can experience the best in device safeguarding.

  • Total Device Security: From water resistance to drop protection, our cases provide comprehensive security for your phone. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your device is shielded from all angles.

  • Maintained Aesthetics: Redpepper understands that your phone is not just a device; it's a statement. Our crystal-clear cases allow the original design to shine, keeping your device stylish and protected simultaneously.

Embrace the Redpepper Waterproof Phone Case Collection - where style meets durability and protection takes center stage for every iPhone and Samsung model.

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