Iphone / samsung - Otter case - Life Proof case in all models

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OtterBox Defender Series - Unrivaled Protection for iPhone and Samsung Models


  1. Triple-Layer Defense: The OtterBox Defender Series offers a robust three-layer defense system to guard against drops, shocks, and impacts. The inner shell, outer slipcover, and holster work together to create a powerful shield for your device.

  2. Built for Every Model: Whether you own the latest iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy classic, OtterBox ensures that each model is covered. The Defender Series is available for a wide range of smartphones, providing a tailored fit for your specific device.

  3. Screen and Port Protection: A built-in screen protector defends against scratches and scrapes without compromising touchscreen sensitivity. Port covers keep out dust and debris, maintaining the integrity of your device's ports.

  4. Holster for On-the-Go Convenience: The included holster with a belt clip also doubles as a kickstand for hands-free media viewing. It adds an extra layer of convenience, keeping your device easily accessible and secure at all times.

  5. Durability Tested: OtterBox is synonymous with durability. The Defender Series undergoes rigorous testing to meet OtterBox's high standards, ensuring that it can handle the challenges of daily life.

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