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"Magnetic Metallic Matte Phone Case" is a type of protective case designed for iPhones that typically has a metallic or matte finish and features magnetic properties. While I don't have information on specific products that have been released after my last knowledge update in January 2022, I can provide a general idea of what you might expect from such a case:


  1. Metallic Finish: A "Magnetic Metallic Matte" case likely has a metallic appearance, which can provide a stylish and premium look to your iPhone. The matte finish adds a smooth and non-reflective texture.

  2. Magnetic Properties: This type of case may incorporate magnetic elements that allow it to work with various magnetic accessories. These accessories could include magnetic mounts for cars, magnetic cardholders, or other magnetic-based attachments.

  3. Custom Fit: A good case should be custom-designed to fit your specific iPhone model precisely. It should provide easy access to buttons, ports, and the camera while offering a snug fit and protection.

  4. Protection: The primary function of any phone case is to protect your device from scratches, scuffs, and minor drops. A magnetic metallic matte case should offer some level of protection to your iPhone.

  5. Slim Design: While offering protection, these cases typically aim to keep the profile of your iPhone as slim as possible, adding minimal bulk to your device.


  1. Stylish Appearance: The metallic and matte finish can enhance the aesthetics of your iPhone, making it look sleek and sophisticated.

  2. Magnetic Compatibility: With magnetic properties, this case can work with various magnetic accessories, such as car mounts or cardholders, making it convenient for different purposes.

  3. Custom Fit and Accessibility: The case should provide a precise fit for your iPhone, allowing you to access all the essential features and functions of your device without removing the case.

  4. Basic Protection: While not as protective as rugged cases, it should offer protection against everyday wear and tear, minor drops, and scratches.

  5. Slim Profile: The case should maintain a slim and lightweight design, so it doesn't add excessive bulk to your iPhone.

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